Over The D-Rainbow

Over The D-Rainbow / interactive video animation / animation, sound, kinect, 3d printed sculpture / 2018

Installation view at ACC/Gwangju/Korea
Photo courtesy by ACC

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The work consists of interactive animation and sculptural device installation:
- A drawing based animation video (corps field) is projected on the floor and interactive animation/sound by movement of audience is activating in real time.
- Morse code transmitter is built in a sculpture which is generated by computer after information data base of local history: victims of Gwangju uprising for democracy. The message from transmitter (light, sound) is decided after research on locality of exhibiting area.  

This piece incorporates information about those who lost their lives during the 5.18 Gwangju uprising into an animated image of corpses lying limp on the exhibition floor. The imagery of the corpses serves as a metaphor for the rotten vestiges of the past that continue to plague modern society, which has already begun on its downward spiral due to the skepticism surrounding the changes brought about by violence in an effort to strengthen productivity and build a modernized social system for everyday convenience.
Individuals living inside the complicated modern city’s routine are isolated in a massive mechanical industrial structure like a small component that interlocks with another component in a complex machine. They want infinite progression of human society through improvement in efficiency. However, unfortunately, it is too late when they realize that the progression of one society means an unequal distribution of limited materials and energies. Moreover, the science technology only focuses on satisfying a certain interest party rather than pursuing the truth for harmony between human and nature. This, in turn, provokes others who cannot enjoy its privilege. As M. Gandhi’s quote “the essence of civilization is to abandon desire,” the misguided the idea of mechanical industrial society by human civilization should be fixed.

The reflection on collapsing modern society led me to metaphor with corps field image and new experimental computer generated sculpture is planted on that. This combination is suggesting audience to start new discussion on how to build future in this rapid digitalizing era. 

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