Jung Seung

Jung Seung’s work focuses on the system of contemporary capitalistic society through various medium such as installation or media art. He also seeks to find how to survive in the contemporary society that is collapsing in his art. He has produced solid and consistent body of work with these concepts from 2007 until 2017. Recently He’s participated in Residency Artists Exhibition, Taipei, Plastic Garden, East bridge(798), Beijing, China / New Romance(Korea-Australia exchange), MMCASeoul, Korea / Inauguration of MMCA Seoul(Outdoor sculpture project), Seoul, Korea.

-birth 1976 (Jeongeup / South Korea)
-website :www.




2018  ACC(Asia Cultural Center) Creators in Lab
2017  Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2015~2016  PSMyoengryundong Art Studio, CANfoundation, Seoul, Korea
2014  Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea
2013  SEMANanji Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
2012  Korea-NRW Transfer, Bonn, Germany
2011  OMI Art residency program, NY, USA
2010  Gumcheon Art Factory, Seoul, Korea
2009  Cheonggae art studio, Seoul, Korea
2008  Cross Nation Ensemble(sculpture project), Gwalior, India
  Joongang Art Competition, Seoul, Korea
 Selected as a ‘ New Artist ’ by the National Cultural Council
2007  IASKChangdong National Art Studio, Korea
Shinsegae Art Award, Kwangju, Korea


2018  The Prometheus’s String, Hanmi gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017  The Garden of Prometheus, Aki gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2011  Idea Of Complex part II, b’ONE gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009  Idea Of Complex, Cheonggae art studio gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009  Evolution Of Machine, Brainfactory gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008  The Everyday Broken Into Pieces, Kunstdoc gallery, Seoul, Korea


2018  Inauguration of SOMA 2, Seoul, Korea  
ACC(Asia Cultural Center) Creators in Lab Show case, Gwangju, Korea
An accidental world, Suwon Art Museum, Suwon, Korea
2017  Mspace(Sculpture Biennale), Pier2 Art Centre, Kauhsiung,Taiwan
Gwangju Media Art Festival, GCC, Gwangju, Korea
Residency Artist Exhibition, TAV, Taipei, Taiwan
Expanding relationship, Indiarthall Gong, Seoul, Korea
      Drawing Party part II, Spaceone gallery, Seoul,Korea
2016  Myeongryundong,hwa, Can foundation, Seoul, Korea
Two Landscape and One World, Korea Cultural Center, Beijing, China
Unexpected Discovery, JeonjuPalbog Art Factory, Jeonju, Korea
Heangrang, World Script Syumposia ,Nagwon Instrument Mall, Seoul, Korea
The Taste Of Gazing, Space one gallery, Seoul, Korea
Plastic Garden(Korea-China exchange), Total Museum, Seoul, Korea
2015 Sound of Recreation space, Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea
Plastic Garden, East bridge(798), Beijing, China
Bare(curated by Yanguo Xia) , MMCA Changdong studio gallery, Seoul, Korea
Mad Square, RTO, Seoul, Korea
KAIST SHuM Project, KAIST gallery, Daejoen, Korea
New Romance(Korea-Australia exchange), MMCASeoul, Korea
Empty Empire(Artist Guild Art Fair), SEMA, Seoul, Korea
Color Study, Savinamuseum, Seoul, Korea
      Awkward Co-existence, Gailmuseum, Gapyeong, Gyeonggido
Psyco-Objet, Wooyang art museum, Gyeongju, Korea
      Color Study, Sabina museum, Seoul, Korea
      Trace Of ART/OMI, Total museum, Seoul, Korea
2014  Salon de SEMA, SEMA, Seoul, Korea
Today’s Landscape, City hall of Seoul, Seoul, Korea
Invade the Space, gallery Jeongmiso, Seoul, Korea
Variation of Object, Space K, Seoul, Korea
Empty Friendship, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea
2013  Korea-NRW Transfer, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
      1212, Space BM gallery, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of MMCA Seoul(Out door sculpture project), Seoul, Korea
Korea-NRW Transfer, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany
      APMAP, Amore pacific museum, Osan, Korea
      Seek and Desire, GAM, Changwon, Korea
2012  Korean Eye, Saatchi gallery, London, UK
  Kwang-ju Media Art Festival, Kwang-ju, Korea
2011   Bad Romanticisme, ARKO, Seoul
  Multi-sensory, Sabina Museum, Seoul, Korea
Taehwa-river Eco Art Festival, Ulsan, Korea
  Up and Comers, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010  Pusan Biennale, Pusan, Seoul, Korea
      In Fact Out Matters, Gallery 27, Anyang, Korea
2009  Against the Sculptural, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Variety, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea, Seoul, Korea
2008  Gana Art 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Changwon Asian Art Festival, Changwon, Korea
 Funny Painting Funny Sculpture, Sejul gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Hongjecheon Project organized by Kunstdoc gallery, Seoul, Korea
 A Piece Of  A Piece, IASK gallery, Seoul,, Korea
2007  Mutual Induction, KTF gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Shinsegae gallery, Kwangju, Korea
2006  L’APOSTROPH, organized by ENSAPC, Pontoise, France

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